If you are experiencing issues, please email support@sarahbethyoga.com with your full name, the email you used for the account and a description of the issues you are experiencing.  

Important: before you start

Consult with your doctor or general practitioner before commencing any new health, fitness or nutrition program. While I'm here to help you live your best life and provide general advice, you should seek professional help where individual assistance is needed.

What is the SarahBethYoga Membership + App? 

The SarahBethYoga Membership + App is a subscription service designed to help you get fit, flexible, healthy, and happy with the best modern day yoga at your fingertips that you can stream ad-free of download in-app. 

What is included in the SarahBethYoga Membership + App? 

Your membership includes: 

Monthly LIVE Yoga Classes where we can connect directly in real time. I include ample time for Q&A on specific poses we’re working with or anything else you’d like feedback with.
Monthly Yoga Calendar to take the guess work out of what to do & when to help you exceed your goals and transform your body & mind. Better yet: It’s customizable!
850+ SBY Yoga Videos, Classes, Calendars & Programs ad-free and downloadable for off-line viewing. You can create your own playlists and keep track of your favorites too!
Exclusives hundreds of yoga videos, classes, calendars, live sessions and yoga pose breakdowns are completely exclusive. You won’t find them anywhere else.
Meditations that you can use in addition to your yoga practice for even more calm in your day. *Meditations section will be growing soon too!
Private Community filled with thousands of like-minded yogis waiting to welcome you with open arms. This community is a supportive, growth-focused and loving extension of SBY
Monthly Giveaways Want a free SBY mat? SBY shirt? Brand new tank top or the comfiest crew next I’ve ever experienced? Each month we giveaway items and we’re having so much fun doing it. Your chances are super high, like 1 in 200. So come win some stuff!
Member Discounts & Pre-Sales to retreats, products and merch. We have a retreat in February 2024 that sold out during our member pre-sale. Stay tuned for my next retreat!
Across all of your devices! The log in you create when you sign up is the same log in that gets you access to the app in iOS, Android, Smart TVs and on the desktop member portal.
Locked In Rate Your discounted rate will stay the same for as long as you’re a member, even as the library grows and the public pricing increases

What is the difference between the monthly and annual subscriptions? 

About a 30% savings! The monthly and annual subscriptions receive the exact same membership except the monthly is billed on a monthly basis and the annual is billed once per year. With the annual option you save about 30% for investing in a year's worth of your best yoga practice. 

What happens after I join The SarahBethYoga Membership + App?

After you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with your log in credentials, access links and everything you need to know about your account. Once you sign up, you will have access to the SarahBethYoga Membership + App content immediately. You can set sign in using your log in credentials on the members site at members.sarahbethyoga.com and also within all of the SarahBethYoga apps on iOS, Android, AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku, and FireTV, browse the content, join the SBY Community and start your first class! 

How is the SarahBethYoga Membership + App different than what's already on YouTube? 

With the SarahBethYoga Membership + APP you get everything listed above. With YouTube, you only get a library of select yoga videos with ads & distracting click bait on the same page. And no direct access to me, Sarah Beth, to ask questions or get realtime feedback.

I'm pregnant, is the SarahBethYoga Membership + App right for me?

Congratulations! The SarahBethYoga Membership + App has a wealth of certified Prenatal Yoga content including the entire Prenatal Yoga Program with trimester calendars, guides, full length classes, shorter routines AND 7 bonus prenatal yoga videos. Sarah Beth has also arranged all of the videos she filmed while she was pregnant into her Prenatal Yoga playlist for you so you've got more than 50 videos, all prenatal friendly! 

In the SBY Community, you can also connect with the other mamas, including Sarah Beth so you have a community to practice with. We get you, we welcome you. Then when the time is right you can get started on the Postnatal series and the TONE Yoga Program after the Postnatal series! But that time will come, for now get on your mat and get started with the Prenatal Yoga Program! 

As always, please consult your doctor or professional healthcare provider before starting your SarahBethYoga journey. 

I have a medical condition / injured / postpartum. Can I still join the SarahBethYoga Membership + App?

If you’re pregnant, postpartum, diabetic, have a medical condition, an injury or a physical disability, please consult your doctor or professional healthcare provider before starting the SarahBethYoga Membership + App.

What qualifications do you have & can I practice with you in-person? 

I received my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training through CorePower Yoga in the 2010 and have since received several extensive trainings including 60 hrs in CorePower Yoga's extensions, 30 hrs in CorePower Yoga's internship, 30 hrs Yin & Hatha Training through Life Power Yoga,  40 hrs Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training through Belly Bliss and a 5 star instructor training through Life Time Fitness. I've also continued my own education in personal development, worked with functional movement therapy as a chiropractic assistant and have experienced pregnancy, postpartum, back pain, injury, Postpartum Anxiety, Ulcerative Colitis flares and health in my own body. I have 8 years of experience teaching in person and in yoga studios, gyms, clinics, workplaces and retreats before taking time off of to focus on my growing family and community online. Now, thanks to technology my teaching is all done through this incredible platform and in-person during workshops and retreats. SarahBethYoga members get discounts and first access to SarahBethYoga Retreats and workshops so if you're interested in attending in-person events become a member and stay tuned in the community and email communication for details on future events!

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your membership at any time. However, we'll be sad to see you go! By canceling your membership, you are forgoing any “locked-in” discounted rate and if you choose to sign up again, your rate will be determined by the current membership prices.

Once you cancel, you will not be billed for the following month. Your login will remain active and your account will be set to expire at the end of your payment period. Once expired, you will no longer have access to the SarahBethYoga Membership + App and any associated features, such as content, classes, calendars, groups, resources, and more.

Please note that deleting the app does not cancel your subscription. To cancel your subscription, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

If you have signed up via the SarahBethYoga website or form: You will need to cancel your subscription through your account settings after logging in at www.sarahbethyoga.com Click "account" from the menu, then "billing" then "change plan" then "cancel membership" 

If you signed up with in-app subscriptions please follow the instructions for your device below:

Apple: Head into your settings on your phone > iTunes & App Store > Click your Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription

Android: Open Google Play Store > Tap Menu > Account > Subscriptions > Find the subscription you want to cancel > Cancel Subscription

I am not using my subscription, can I get a refund? 

We offer a 14-day full-refund for SarahBethYoga members who signed up for the yearly or monthly membership plan and felt they did not get happier, healthier or more flexible as a result of their membership. Contact us at Support@SarahBethYoga.com within 14 days of the original sign-up date to request your refund.

How do I reset my password? 

You can reset your password at any time by using the reset password link located on the website at members.sarahbethyoga.com/forgot_password.  Currently. there is no way to reset your password within the app.

I need more help

Please send us an email with your full name, the email you used for account and a description of the issues you are experiencing to support@sarahbethyoga.com and one of our team members will be able to assist you further.